• Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Human Services
  • Rehabilitation counselors help people who have emotional and physical disabilities live and work independently.

    What do they typically do

    • Provide individual and group counseling to help clients adjust to their disabilities
    • Evaluate clients' abilities, interests, experience, skills, health, and education
    • Develop a treatment plan with professionals like doctors and psychologists, and monitor clients' progress
    • Use clients' values, strengths, limitations and goals to create rehabilitation or treatment plans
    • Arrange for clients to get services and resources such as medical care, career training and wheelchairs
    • Help clients create strategies to develop their strengths and adjust to their limitations
    • Advocate for the rights of people with disabilities to live in the community and work in the job they choose
    • Educate employers about the needs and abilities of people with disabilities and about disability-related laws and resources

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      Most require a graduate degree like a master's, Ph.D., M.D., or law degree.
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