Health Science

Where do medical technologies and human touch intersect? They meet within the Health Science career cluster, which is a North Carolina and national growth industry. As the number of Americans over age 65 has grown and as more people survive serious injuries and other health issues, the need for healthcare has increased. If you want to work in a cluster that has good job growth, this cluster may be for you. It is expected to include the greatest number of new jobs in North Carolina over the next 10 years and about one-third of the state’s “hot jobs.”

Hospitals or doctors’ offices usually come to mind first when we think about healthcare workplaces, but home health care organizations and nursing homes also employ workers in this cluster. Some employees in this industry have 8-to-5 schedules, while others work less traditional shifts.

If you’re thinking about a healthcare career, many jobs require good math and science skills. Jobs in this industry include a wide variety of educational backgrounds, ranging from medical degrees to many jobs that require less than four years of college.

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Core Skills

The following Core Skills are necessary for success in these occupations.

  • Science - Using scientific rules and strategies to solve problems
  • Service Orientation - Looking for ways to help people
  • Social Perceptiveness - Understanding people's reactions
  • Instructing - Teaching people how to do something
  • Learning Strategies - Using the best training or teaching strategies for learning new things
  • Reading Comprehension - Reading work-related information
  • Active Learning - Figuring out how to use new ideas or things
  • Active Listening - Listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions
  • Writing - Writing things for co-workers or customers
  • Judgment & Decision Making - Thinking about the pros and cons of different options and picking the best one

Career Pathways

Career Story

Angela Coleman-Talbot

Wake Technical Community College

A.A.S., Nursing

Upon graduating from Wake Tech, Angela was immediately offered placement at Cone Health.

A childhood dream of becoming a nurse eventually led to the Nursing program at Wake Technical Community College, and from there to a career as a registered nurse at Cone Health.

Angela Coleman-Talbot felt nothing but love and respect for Wake Tech for the excellent education and supportive services that she received. The college recognized her hard work in the Nursing program by awarding her the Dwight O. Ryan Student Achievement Award for excellence in Health Sciences. This honor recognizes the most outstanding student in each division based on achievement, attitude, motivation, participation, contributions to the program, and involvement in student organizations.

Upon graduating from Wake Tech, Coleman-Talbot was offered placement at Cone Health in their coveted Residency of Emergency Nursing new graduate program. This program has allowed her to expand her nursing knowledge and skills through core classes in critical care and emergency care, training in advanced cardiac life support, crisis prevention, disaster management, and forensics trauma basis.

Through the Cone Health residency program Coleman-Talbot has worked in a variety of adult and pediatric emergency facilities and has had interactions with critical members of the emergency response team while receiving intense classroom education, training and support.

Coleman-Talbot is grateful for the support of her nursing school family, peers, and faculty, who gave her the knowledge, courage, and confidence needed to be successful in nursing school and beyond. She plans to continue serving her community by being an enthusiastic health advocate who is passionate about patient rights and health literacy.

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